Welcome to the Future Website of www.harnettdesign.co.nz

Harnett Design Ltd

The domain www.harnettdesign.co.nz is currently being hosted by Netright in preperation of their new and upcoming website or e-commerce solution.

Please check back again soon

If you would like to find out more about a website or e-commerce solution, hosting and support for a website, or moving your IT into the cloud, please visit our website: www.netright.co.nz or contact us on 0800 638744

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Web and E-Commerce

We love what we do and when it comes to designing and developing a website or e-commerce solution the best bit is getting to know who you are and what you need to acheive in a solution. The journey is about to begin...

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Support and Hosting

We value you as clients and offer only the best New Zealand based hosting and support solutions with security, scaleabilty and reliability at the top of our agenda. We only host client solutions keeping the integrity of our solution at the highest.

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Cloud and IT Intergration

Ever thought about making your job easier and more reliable? Worried about the integrity of your valuable information? How about back up and disaster recovery? Or just looking for an online customer relationship or stock tool?

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